Live Aquarium Rock

What Is Live Rock? When talking about live rock (LR), it is a misconception that the rock itself is alive. What makes it live are the many forms of micro and macroscopic marine life that live on and inside of it. The rock itself is only made up of the calcium carbonate skeletons of long…
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Fish Care

The beauty and intrigue of saltwater fish draws many people into the hobby. But not all individuals are fully aware of what it takes to keep fragile saltwater specimens happy and healthy. Even though today's modern technology makes saltwater fish-keeping easier than ever, the decision to set up a saltwater aquarium should not be taken…
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Saltwater Aquarium Care

A saltwater aquarium can be a dramatic addition to any room. Filled with exotic (and expensive) fish, it's visually appealing and a great conversation piece. But it isn't exactly easy to care for. Before you invest your time, money and love for your little seafaring pets, make sure you can handle the responsibility. Do you…
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